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First Appearance: Love and Rockets #1

Margarita Luisa Chascarrillo has been Hopey's friend and lover since their teens, although she is always partial to men such as Speedy, Rand Race, and Ray. Maggie quit her job as an assistant Prosolar mechanic and fell into a long depression, during which she gained a log of weight. She has since worked for her aunt Vicki, in a fast food chain, and as a photocopier. She spends most of her time with the "locas" - Hopey, Penny, Daffy, Terry, and Izzy - although she has disappeared of late.


First Appearance: Love and Rockets #1

Speedy Ortiz, Izzy's younger brother, had always lived in the Mexican neighborhood of Hoppers 13 with a band of friends headed by 'Litos. He always had an eye on Maggie, but for a short time went out with her little sister, Esther. In a gang war caused partly by Esther, the neighborhoods of Montoya ("Dairytown") and Hoppers found the already existing tensions erupting in bloodshed. Among the casualties were 'Litos and Speedy himself, who was mysteriously found dead in his car.


First Appearance: Love and Rockets #1

Of Colombian and Scottish decent, Hopey (Esperanza Leticia Glass) and her brother Joey are estranged from their parents, Hopey having lived on her own since high school. She was initiated into punkdom by her first girlfriend, Terry, whom she left for Maggie - her friend, and girlfriend, over the years. Hopey is predominantly attracted to females, but like most of her friends, has a fluid sexuality. She has never had a permanent residence or job, with the exception of being a bass player in various bands.


First Appearance: Love and Rockets #1

Penny (Beatriz Garcia) first met Hopey and Maggie while she was working on the street as a flower-seller. Back then, she used to dream of becoming a superheroine. After spending several years as the mistress of the multibillionaire H.R. Costigan, she finally married him. Having Tex's child, Clarita, did nothing to ruin her pin-up figure.


First Appearance: Love and Rockets #1

Isabel Ortiz Ruebens, Speedy's older sister, married and divorced English professor Jack Ruebens. Izzy kept copious journals of her life, including the period after her divorce, which included an abortion and a suicide attempt. Her stormy relationship with her father sent her to Mexico and into a guilt-plagued relationship with a Mexican Man, which ended when she received a "message" from the devil informing her that her father had died, making her free to return to the US.


First Appearance: Love and Rockets #1

Luba has been surviving on her own ever since leaving her surreal life as Peter Rio's wife. Carrying a hammer, Luba found her way to Palomar with her cousin Ofelia and her daughter Maricela. She started a business as a bath-giver, adding Guadalupe, Doralis, and Casimira to her flock. Before she became mayor of Palomar, Luba's main vices were abusing her daughters and seducing men. Among her lovers: laborer Khamo, police captain Jose Ortez, mortician Archie Ruiz, teacher Heraclio, and artist Humberto.


First Appearance: Love and Rockets #2

Errata is a stigmatic; a person who occasionally bleeds in a pattern similar to Christ's wounds. Errata was born in Palomar, but when her parents were murdered, she was sent to live with her aunt Zephie and uncle Ira, Ira did his best to help his niece, but Zephie mentally abused her until she was sent away to school. Ira killed Zephie and then himself out of frustration. The orphaned Errata turned up later in a futuristic city dominated by Radio Zero, her ex-boyfriend.


First Appearance: Love and Rockets #2

Terry, (Theresa Leeanne Downe) became Hopey's girlfriend when the tow newcomers met in high school, both runaways, they lived in the house of Del Chimney. A strong lesbian character, Terry initiated Hopey into punkdom and probably sex. She later became the guitarist for La Llorona. Terry always had the most drive and talent of the group, and launched a solo folk singing career.


First Appearance: Love and Rockets #5

Conceived when Luba seduced the teenaged Heraclio, Guadalupe (Luba's second daughter) is the most intelligent and well-adjusted of the sisters. Everyone thought her father was Manuel until the day that Luba decided to "return" each of her daughters to her rightful father. Heraclio and his wife Carmen have offered to adopt Guadalupe, but for now she has decided to go to the United States as an exchange student. Guadalupe's other sisters are Maricela, Casimira, and Doralis.


First Appearance: Love and Rockets #20

Ray Dominguez grew up in Hoppers 13 with "Litos and the gang, eventually going east to study art at college. In fact, he never actually went to school but instead traveled, painted, and went out with Maya. When he returned, he met Maggie and saw her for about two years. While Maggie was on the east coast with Hopey, Ray started dating Maggie's friend Danita. Upon his return to Hoppers, Ray discovered he had less in common with 'Litos and the gang and began spending more time with Doyle.


First Appearance: Love and Rockets #32 (Papa Fermin); L&R #34 (Gorgo)

Fermin Rio made sure that his son, Peter, followed in his footsteps as both a musician and a gangster, which led to some nasty father/son competition. Jealous at first, Fermin later devoted himself to clandestinely defending Peter from a multitude of enemies. Fermin was eventually killed by his own son. Gorgo was hired by Fermin (and Peter) to spy on and protect Luba, saving her life on many occasions. As ruthless as he is efficient, almost nothing can stop Gorgo.

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