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True Crime

by Guy Davis
Paperback: 176 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 1929998155
It was during the 18th century that the Ministry of Inquisition ruled over the lands of Venisalle. In the world of the Marquis, faith is not only the religion but the strict law of life and death. It is into this world that the souls of Hell have escaped to sin, murder, and be free within the possession of the living. During this time one man has been 'blessed' with the ability to see into the very souls of the damned and fight the demons within. But as the Marquis begins his holy crusade to send back the escapees of Hell, the lines of good and evil begin to blur into a struggle between faith and sanity.
With his intricate artwork that has won accolades from critics and fans alike, Guy Davis paints a vivid portrait of a time not quite from our history and reveals an evil hidden  deep within the heart of man.

From Oni Press:
Guy Davis is the critically acclaimed creator of BAKER STREET, as well as the former artist of the SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE comic books from DC Comics' Vertigo line. He has also done work for gaming companies, Dark Horse Comics, and Oni Press' BLAIR WITCH PROJECT comic book tie-ins. His meticulous style and strong use of gray tones make him a favorite among fans and professionals alike.

Naughty & Nice
by Paul Dini, Stephen Destefano, & Jamie Rich
Paperback: 96 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 1929998082
Click here to order WHITEOUT
by Greg Rucka & Steve Lieber
Paperback: 128 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 0966712714
WHITEOUT is the story of United States Deputy Marshal Carrie Stetko, the only official US law enforcement officer present in Antarctica. She's based at McMurdo Station, on Ross Island, the largest permanently staffed base in Antarctica. She is, as they say, the law.

WHITEOUT is a murder mystery. It's about friendship, isolation, betrayal. It's about the coldest, loneliest, most remote place in the world. It's about a land where, in the height of winter, the temperature is roughly that of equatorial Mars.

In 1998, Oni Press published WHITEOUT by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber, and the Antarctic mystery was one of the most favorably received series of the season. In May, WHITEOUT returned to the shelves as one large volume. After a series of murders, U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko discovers a tangled plot to smuggle some precious materials off the ice - but what and by who continues to elude her. Aided by British secret agent Lily Sharpe, she unravels the web of betrayal and lies to get to the answer. Click here to order WHITEOUT
WHITEOUT is written by Greg Rucka, the celebrated author of the Atticus Kodiak series of novels, including KEEPER, FINDER, and SMOKER (all published by Bantam Books). He is also one of the key writers behind "No Man's Land" in DC's BATMAN titles. The book is illustrated by Russ Manning nominee Steve Lieber, whose work has also graced HAWKMAN, GRENDEL TALES, and CONAN. In addition to collecting all of the story from the miniseries, the WHITEOUT trade paperback also contains all the original covers by industry giants Matt Wagner (MAGE), Mike Mignola (HELLBOY), and Dave Gibbons (MARTHA WASHINGTON SAVES THE WORLD). For the collection, a brand-new cover was drawn by comics legend Frank Miller, the creator behind SIN CITY and 300.

"The whole experience of WHITEOUT has been a dream come true," commented Rucka. "You always here about comics writers wanting to write novels or break into film, but for me,I've gone the other way around. WHITEOUT is the sort of comic I have always wanted to read, and to receive support from people like Matt Wagner and Frank Miller - not to mention retailers and fans - on my first time out has been a tremendous joy."

"All throughout the summer, as I traveled to convention after convention," said Oni Press editor and publisher Bob Schreck, "people kept stopping me and telling me how much they loved WHITEOUT. This ranged from old friends to people I had never seen in my life, from fans to professionals of the highest caliber. The mix was simple - a strong, involving story coupled with solid, expressive art. WHITEOUT is good comics through and through, and it's quality compels us to put it into one volume." As an added bonus, all initial orders on this book will feature a special tip-in plate signed by both Rucka and Lieber.

"WHITEOUT has been one of our best performing books," said Joe Nozemack, Oni Press publisher. "That is due in no small part to all the readers and comic book stores who supported us and pushed the material. So, for those people, we wanted to do something different, and the signing seemed like the best way possible. Hopefully, it will also be seen as an added incentive for new readers to give this book a try."

"Collections are always a good tool for reaching people who may not have looked at comics in a while," Schreck continued. "This is the sort of book you should be giving to your friends who think comic are just kid's stuff. It looks like the regular books they know, it feels like it, and once they read the story, they're gonna see that this medium can tell any kind of tale it wants to."

"This isn't a book you're just going to buy and stick on your shelf," Rucka concluded. "I am confident that even if you read it the first time, you will want to read it again. This trade paperback gives you that opportunity, and it provides you with the an easily accessible format for reading it several more times. As a writer, that is one of the most heartening things I can think of."

The WHITEOUT trade paperback is 128 pages in length, presented in black-and-white with a striking cover by Frank Miller. It carries a retail price of $10.95 U.S., $15.95 Can., and is available in stores now.. It contains harsh language and adult situations.

WHITEOUT was nominated for three Eisner Awards: Best Limited Series, Best Writer (Greg Rucka), Best penciller/inker (Steve Lieber).

by Steve Lieber & Greg Rucka
Paperback: 120 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 1929998031
Andi Watson
by Andi Watson
Paperback: 200 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 1929998147
Rob Grafton and Louise Bright are in love and engaged to be married. When they unexpectedly find themselves unemployed, marriage plans are derailed as they suddenly find themselves having to rethink the direction of their lives. While Louise turns to school, Rob maintains a staunch desire to regain his old job, but when the plant itself is closed down and hope is lost, Rob's depression not only keeps him from finding another job, but ends up repelling Louise, as well.
Set in contemporary England, Breakfast After Noon is a unique comic-book treat, choosing to focus on the twists and turns of real life rather than convoluted plots or the smoke-and-mirrors of the fantastic. With a deft skill at bringing characters to life with just a few, well-placed lines, Andi Watson has established himself as one of alternative comics' top creators. His finest work to date, Breakfast After Noon has a universal appeal for anyone who has ever been in love or found themselves in a position where they no longer have any idea where they are headed.
Dimensions (in inches): 0.52 x 9.04 x 6.04
Click here to order GEISHA GEISHA
by Andi Watson
Paperback: 112 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 0966712722
The story of everybody's favorite artistic android is gathered into one volume! Jomi is an android girl who wants to find her place in life. Though she has been adopted by a human family, most of society doesn't accept her as "real." This is particularly frustrating given the fact that Jomi wants to be an artist. How do you show people your soul if they don't believe you have one? Better yet, if no one buys your paintings, how do you pay the rent? Why, you become a bodyguard, of course!
Andi Watson, creator of the beloved SKELETON KEY and writer of the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER comics, has crafted a futuristic soap opera filled with supermodels, rampaging moguls, stalkers, and giant-sized battle suits. The individual issues are perrenial reorder favorites. Stop getting them one at a time and go for the whole shebang. Click here to order GEISHA
Judd Winick
BOY GENIUS: Volume 3
by Judd Winick
Paperback: 88 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 192999818X
Barry Ween is back with his third collection of hilarious comic book stories! And this time, he's bringing monkeys! As you may know, Barry Ween is the world's smartest human being. His big brain, as his best friend Jeremy calls it, has a limitless capacity for knowledge, and better yet, Barry has no problem putting that knowledge to use.
That's pretty cool when you consider the fact that he's only ten years old. Unfortunately, when you have that kind of smarts, trouble is nearly a foregone conclusion--and boy howdy, does Barry get in trouble! Giant, talking gorillas from other dimensions; drunken, smelly clans of Bigfeet; and a germ-filled monkey looking to cause the next outbreak--these are things that Barry has just come to accept as normal. Heck, compared to such frightening childhood rites of passage as girls and the first school dance, Barry would take all three scenarios without blinking. THE ADVENTURES OF BARRY WEEN, BOY GENIUS 3: MONKEY TALES comes packed full of laughs from everyone's favorite foul-mouthed superbrain. A must for any humor connoisseur.

From the Publisher
Judd Winick is best remembered as a cast member of MTV's THE REAL WORLD III, but he has quickly earned a reputation as a gifted cartoonist with his work on the syndicated newspaper comic strip FRUMPY THE CLOWN. His story Road Trip in ONI DOUBLE FEATURE earned him an Eisner Award Nomination for Best Serialized Story in 1999. THE ADVENTURES OF BARRY WEEN, BOY GENIUS, was originally published by Image Comics, where it immediately sold out its print run, and the first trade paperback collection, as well as it's follow-up, has been a perennial seller since Oni published it in November, 1999. The concept has been optioned by Platinum Studios for development as an animated TV show. Judd also has a full-length, original graphic novel, PEDRO & ME, about his experiences on THE REAL WORLD and as an AIDs lecturer, published Henry Holt. It earned him his third Eisner Nomination this year, in the category of Best Original Graphic Novel, was awarded four honors from the American Library Association (including a Sibert Award Honor), votest Best Children's Book from Bay Area Book Reviewer's Association, and dubbed one of the best books of 2000 by PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY. He was also nominated for a 2001 Eisner for Best Writer/Artist--Humor for his work on BARRY WEEN.

Dimensions (in inches): 0.23 x 10.30 x 6.52
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