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Black Planet
by Dan Brereton
Paperback: 184 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 0966712706
When the terminator cuts across the country, dividing day into night,it is time for those who thrive in darkness to come out under the stars. Bats chase insects and moths are drawn to porchlights. Possums grub and wheeze in wet culverts while the masked Raccoon crosses a busy highway with it's young. And while the odd barn owl dives for a juicy field mouse, far across the fields, a city awakens.

By day Pacific City is a bright and busy coastal sprawl. By night, it undergoes a Hyde-like transformation. Pacific City turns in, and a darker one takes it's place.

A City of Peril. A town where death comes too cheap and too often, and dark deals sap the lifeblood and replace it with cold sewage. It is on these Perilous streets that Doc Horror and his inhuman crew lurk. Vigilant... cloaked in shadows... No criminal alive has matched Horror and his company. The Nocturnals fear no man by night. Of course, dawn will always have the final say...
About the Author
Dan Brereton is one of a bare handful of painters left in the industry who still do comics full time. Just barely out of art school, Dan burst onto the scene in 1989 with the award winning BLACK TERROR miniseries (Eclipse Comics) and hasn't looked back since. In the last ten years, he's produced an amazingly prolific body of work, has been nominated many times for several different industry and fan awards.

Dan lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains with his three kids and a string of ill-fated pets. Dan's hobbies include reading crime fiction, watching monster movies (and pretty much any other kind of movie he can get his hands on), travelling to comic conventions, and wrangling his children by way of threats, intimidation and candy.

by Dan Brereton
Paperback: 104 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 1929998228
The Gunwitch, silent and deadly bodyguard to the misfit family of monstrous heroes known as the Nocturnals, breaks away in his first solo adventure! When the pistol-packing Gunwitch and his young charge, Evening Horror, find themselves in a small town ravaged by an unholy war between undead outlaws and true Hell's Angels - motorcycle ridin' vampires - The Gunwitch takes it upon himself to bring down both sides before any more innocents can be hurt.
But as the undead protector embroils himself in the conflict, what once seemed to be an old fashioned turf war is revealed to be a much more sinister conflict with far-reaching and horrific consequences. What ensues is a high-octane parade of blood, guts, twists and turns, mixing the American Spaghetti Western and drive-in horror with the hard-boiled sense of gallows humor Brereton`s NOCTURNALS are known for. You'll never leave your night-light off again.

From Oni Press:
Dan Brereton is the acclaimed creator of such comics as Nocturnals, Giantkiller, and JLA: Seven
Caskets and the painter of series like Batman: Thrillkiller and World's Finest. Brereton has
combined a unique painting style with a love for the horror and pulp novels of the past to form a new kind of comic book. 

by Dan Brereton
Paperback: 96 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 1929998236
Christopher Allen, Comic Book Galaxy
" monsterific action! "

Ain'T It Cool News
"...beautifully painted and exceedingly eerie. "

The Nocturnals are back in Pacific City to find their home steeped in dread. A new dark star has appeared in the night sky, and the walking dead are roaming the streets, looking for victims to recruit in their army of unholy flesh. It makes for a strange homecoming for the heroic Nocturnals, who have been wandering the world on separate quests. As the one-man demolition squad, Firelion, and the troubled and dangerous Starfish roll into town, they begin to free their neighborhood of the creeping death while searching for the evil that is causing corpses to rise. Could it have something to do with the ancient, underground cavern that Doc Horror has been exploring? Does the nefarious secret lie behind the massive door he'd found buried in the rocks below the surface? It's all-out terror and hardboiled action as the gang regroup for a mission that will unveil subterranean mysteries and a primordial legacy of inhuman darkness that's been stirring beneath the depths. With the precocious Halloween Girl, the deadly Gunwitch, the enigmatic Polychrome, and the devious Raccoon-our spooky pulp heroes are back together! Cloaked in shadow, the Nocturnals protect us in the dead of night, when no one else would dare.
(The Comic Books)
by Kevin Smith, Jim Mahfood, Ande Parks, Phil Hester
Paperback: 112 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 0966712781
First it was a hit movie. Now it's a much-demanded trade paperback. Get the whole CLERKS story in this essential new book of laughs and profane liberties. From the pen of Writer/Motion Picture Director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, Chasing Amy) comes three all-new adventures of Dante, Randal, Jay & Silent Bob, and all the customers of the Quick Stop Mini Mart that first appeared in CLERKS, his surprise critical and commercial debut film.
These brand new tales follow the exploits of America's favorite slacker icons as they seek out the rarest of Star Wars toys, become employees of Kris Kringle, and get the scare of their lives in a crucial, much-talked-about, lost sequence that did not make the film's final cut. As in the now-classic feature film of the same name, all the mysteries of life are dissected through the myopic lens of pop culture under a full-color photo cover featuring slack cultural icons, Jay and Silent Bob. The funeral parlor lost scene is of much interest to film afficionados and features an all-new introductory sequence. Clerks is presented in black and white to coincide with the film, also in black and white.
Written by Kevin Smith
Art by Duncan Fegredo
Introduction by Alanis Morissette
Paperback: 112 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 0966712730
Not a comic book for little kids, Chasing Dogma provides the adventures of Jay & Silent Bob up to the opening moments of the film DOGMA. This made me laugh outloud many times. Highly recommended for fans of Smith's films and others who appreciate humor on several levels -- from crude to philosophical.
Really gives you a better idea about Jay and his hetero lifemate, Silent Bob. Porn stars, The Fugitive and even Mr. Rogers make appearances.
This series of comic books (four issues in this book) gives you the lowdown of J&SBs adventures from their scene in the Diner in "Chasing Amy" up until their grand appearance in "Dogma."

Well drawn and exceptional stories make this a must for View Askew fanboys. Wanna know more about Suzanne, the monkey at the end of Mallrats? Wanna know how Jay and Silent Bob made it to Illinois? Wanna know what happened to Trish the Dish after Mallrats? All is explained right here. If you enjoy this book, also check out CLERKS. (THE COMIC BOOKS) by Kev Smith, too.

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