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True Crime

by Brandon Peterson
Paperback: 192 pages
CrossGen Comics
ISBN: 1931484058
This deluxe illustrated introduction to the many worlds of the CrossGen Universe brings together the talents of all your favorite CrossGen artists with insightful commentary and additional information. It's the best of the best art produced by CrossGen, packaged to appeal to long-time fans and new readers alike!
From the Publisher
Brandon "Brando" Peterson has been in the comic book industry since 1990. A versatile artist, he has gained most of his reputation as a talented penciler, though he has worn the hats of writer, inker, and colorist at various times in his career as well. His first series work was for Marvel Comics on the Uncanny X-Men and X-Men books. Later, he was hired by Top Cow Productions, where he spent the majority of his career working on titles like Cyberforce, Codename: Strykeforce, Ripclaw, Cyberforce Origins, Medieval Spawn/Witchblade, and his creator-owned book, Arcanum. Just prior to coming to CrossGen, he returned to Marvel Comics' X-Men family, working on books like X-Men:Magneto Rex and Astonishing X-Men.
Volume One:
Atlantis Rising
by Mark Waid, Steve Epting, Rick Magyar,
& Frank D'Armata
Paperback: 176 pages
CrossGen Comics
ISBN: 1931484147
Millennia ago, the Atlanteans were the self-styled mentors to the newborn race known as homo-sapiens. But when a mysterious cataclysm plunged Atlantis and its people beneath the waves, six – and only six – awoke one thousand centuries later to find their island city forgotten and in ruins, their brothers and sisters caught in an unshakable slumber...and Earth devoid of all life. Now the one, simple question that drives them is this: Whatever happened to the human race?
Crux combines the most primal and exciting elements of super-hero comics with imaginative science fiction reminiscent of Isaac Asimov`s Foundation and Larry Niven`s Ringworld.

From the Publisher
Born March 21, 1962 in Hueytown, Alabama, Mark Waid bought his first comic in 1966 at the beginning of TV's Batmania and has never once since entertained the notion of not buying comics. In 1987, Mark joined DC Comics as a staff editor and two years later left to pursue a full-time freelance career that spanned the 1990s and into the early 2000s. That period led to award-winning runs on The Flash for DC Comics and Captain America for Marvel Comics. In 1996, he co-created the Eisner award winning Kingdom Come at DC Comics. Since then, he has worked for every major comics publisher and has authored a broader range of well-known comics characters---including Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and Archie---than any other writer in the history of the medium. With his encyclopedic knowledge of comics history, Mark also serves as an historian; he has published hundreds of articles and four books on the subject, and has fielded research questions from sources as diverse as Time, Variety, and the Library of Congress. Mark writes Ruse at CrossGen, nominated for a 2002 Harvey Award as Best Series and for Best Single Story, and for which Mark himself was nominated as Best Writer.

Dimensions (in inches): 0.30 x 10.20 x 6.60
Volume One:
Two Houses Divided
by Barbara Kesel & Bart Sears
Paperback: 189 pages
CrossGen Comics
ISBN: 193148404X
The First is a race of godlike beings that believe they formed themselves in a passion of creation. Their past lost in a fog of myth, their present is a comfortable routine – until a new power emerges that could topple their preeminence. Faced with its first true threat, their society begins to fall apart, and soon the mystery of the Sigil-Bearers threatens to plunge The First into civil war.
The First is a story of beautiful, powerful beings with feet of clay. Larger than life, they’re portrayed with an over-the-top vigor and vitality. Like The Real World set on Mount Olympus, THE FIRST boils over with intrigues great and small and with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance.
Dimensions (in inches): 0.36 x 10.22 x 6.66
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