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Last Temptation
by Neil Gaiman, Michael Zulli, & Alice Cooper
Paperback: 104 pages
Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 156971455X
Steven is afraid. Afraid of ghost stories, afraid of growing up ... just afraid. That is, until he meets the mysterious Showman and his Theatre of the Real. Steven takes a ticket and watches the show on a dare, but getting out of the performance will be harder than he ever imagined. And Steven learns what it is to be truly afraid.
Neil Gaiman, internationally acclaimed writer of both prose fiction (Neverwhere, Stardust) and graphic novels (The Sandman, Signal to Noise) and artist Michael Zulli (The Sandman, The Dreaming) team up to create this dark and brooding morality tale. Originally published as part of the short-lived Marvel Music line of the early `90s, this stunning trade paperback features sepia-colored ink on cream paper to better showcase the lush beauty of Zulli`s duoshade artwork in an affordable 6x9 format.

From Publishers Weekly
A spooky collaboration between novelist and comics writer Gaiman (Sandman; and see review of American Gods, above) and creepy shock rocker Cooper, this is the story of Steven, a boy with many fears: girls, ghost stories and growing up among them. On a dare, he steps into an odd theater and meets a mysterious, top-hatted showman, an Alice Cooper-like figure (complete with dark eye-circles) who offers him a way to avoid his fears by simply giving up his "potential" and staying forever in a dreamy netherworld of spirits and wraiths. And after encountering Mercy, a beautiful ticket-taker in the ghostly theater, Steven gives the offer serious consideration. Cooper is the inspiration for the Grand Guignol of this demonic theater, a chilling metaphor for the seductive allure of complacency and indolence. Gaiman's story is a whimsical horror tale about confronting the fears within, and Zulli's black-and-white illustrations have a dark, emotive line, presented in a brownish, bloodlike hue that makes even a mundane, autumnal street scene seem eerie and foreboding.

Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

Dimensions (in inches): 0.27 x 8.93 x 5.94
Volume One
by Jim Woodring, Justin Green, Francisco Solano Lopez, & Chalenor
Paperback: 80 pages
Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1569713723
In the dark reaches of the universe lies a remote planet that holds both forbidden pleasures and unspeakable horrors. For three naive smugglers, it's also a place to unload a deadly cargo: an Alien egg. But something about this particular egg is scaring off the black marketeers. And when it hatches, the nightmare will have just begun.
by Ron Marz
Paperback: 96 pages
Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1569715386
A battle beyond the stars didn`t end quite as imagined. Legendary cosmic guardian and former Green Lantern Hal Jordan has unknowingly left a horrific legacy to the future. When Hal vowed to respect all life, he probably wasn`t thinking of the nasty, acid-dripping, murdering Aliens-- and because he spared these vile creatures, he doomed the lives of countless others years later. Now it`s up to current GL Kyle Rayner and the remnants of the defunct Green Lantern Corp. to clean up the mess made by his predecessor.
But Kyle is still struggling with the mantle of Green Lantern that he`s inherited. Further, he`s struggling with the definition of heroism in a day and age when Hal`s nobility is all too rare. What Kyle`s about to experience in the darkest regions of space will change him forever...if it doesn`t kill him first.

Collects the four-issue mini-series. Co-published with DC Comics.

From Dark Horse Comics
Florida-based writer Ron Marz began his writing career as a journalist but traded in his press badge for comic-book writing in 1990 when he determined that it was more fun to make up stories than report them. In the last eleven years, Marz has written extensively for publishers including DC, Marvel, Cross Gen, Image, Acclaim, and Dark Horse. He is notorious among fans of the DC Universe for co-creating the new Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, who battles against the acid-blooded Aliens of sci-fi film lore in the hit cross-over graphic novel adventure, Green Lantern vs. Aliens, co-published by Dark Horse and DC Comics. Marz' other comics credits include work on Silver Surfer, Superboy, Manowar, DC vs. Marvel, and Dark Horse's Star Wars Tales and Star Wars: Darth Maul.

Aliens vs. Predator
vs. Terminator
by Mark Schultz, Mel Rubi, Christopher Ivy, David Stewart, & Mark Lipka
Paperback: 96 pages
Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1569715688
In the year 2032, John Connor and his resistance forces wage war against Skynet, a soulless super-computer bent on exterminating mankind. Sensing ultimate defeat, Skynet goes into hiding. Centuries later, it is awakened by stealth Terminators posing as human scientists. Now an even deadlier Skynet is using the science of the far future to create invincible Terminators by gene-splicing their human tissue with the DNA of the deadliest creatures in the galaxy -- Aliens!
Earth`s only chance lies in the hands of a legendary heroine named Ellen Ripley and an uneasy alliance with another deadly non-terrestrial race, the man-stalking super-hunters known only as Predators! The Predators understand that Skynet threatens all life in the universe, and so they wade in on the side of humanity...but can these feral killers be trusted?
Collecting the four-issue series.
by Ian Edginton & Alexander Maleev
Paperback: 88 pages
Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1569714096
Aliens loose in the Tokyo subways of the future is bad news. But when these monstrous beasts are pursued by Predators, the fiercest hunters in the galaxy, bad quickly becomes worse. Caught in the middle is Becca Shaw, a reckless journalist on the trail of Gideon Suhn Lee, a mysterious techno-billionaire who won`t let anything stand between him and the secrets to immortality that the Predators hold. When Becca and Gideon clash, it might be the Aliens and Predators that run for cover!

Dimensions (in inches): 0.19 x 10.20 x 6.65
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