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Live from the Moon
by Larry Young, Charlie Adlard, & Matt Smith
Paperback: 144 pages
AiT/Planet Lar
ISBN: 0967684714
Fifty years after Armstrong's one small step, the world's richest man claims the moon as his own personal property... and Channel Seven is there! This graphic novel shows hat happens when absolute power corrupts absolutely, when The Mob has nuclear first-strike capability, and when cows jump over the moon. Witty banter, one-sixth gravity derring-do, and an explosive finale from a tale that Sci-Fi Universe says has "a wide-eyed sense of wonder and a clear appreciation for adventure-based science fiction."
Tom Janulewicz,
"...Young's grasp of space science is above reproach..."

About the Author
Writer Larry Young has made false teeth and retainers, has worked as an advertising manager and an art director, as a pharmaceutical manufacturer in a Class 100 clean room, and as supervisor of a gang saw granite-cutting crew.
While presently responsible for marketing and promotions as the wise and terrible Minister of Propaganda for the award-winning comic book store Comix Experience, he's also the writer/publisher of AiT/Planet Lar.

Artist Charlie Adlard is best known for his work on The X-Files comic book and Marvel Comics' X-Men: Hellfire Club.

Space: 1959
by Larry Young & Charlie Adlard
Paperback: 72 pages
AiT/Planet Lar
ISBN: 0967684730
Kurt (Astro City) Busiek
"If there's a bigger picture here, it's about's like nothing else being offered in comics today."

A period adventure featuring an earlier generation of the Channel Seven newshounds from "Astronauts in Trouble: Live from the Moon", Space: 1959 has got film-noir murder, the race to win the Cold War, the first man on the moon, and an elegant and poignant finale from a story that SFX says "surpasses the excellence of the original."

In the Fifties, when the space race was running. The USA and Communist Russia were making secret plans. This graphic novel tells a tale of the people who became entangled in the race almost by accident of being reporters at the dawn of TV journalism.

The three part story ranges from pulp detective thriller to Sci Fi B movie to a combination of illustrated poetry and spy-thriller.

Investigating a murder takes our Channel 7 crew and their company-appointed "minder" to a secret US government project, and the inestimable Colonel Lloyd Macadam. He is not about to let those meddling reporters, commie subversives or other hindrances come in the way of the USA claiming the Moon.

You do not need to have read "Astronauts in Trouble: Live from the Moon" (for which Space 1959 is a prequel) but because of the exciting use of different styles of comic story-telling, you might want to get to know that one first.

They both make a fitting gift for a comics reader, a space fan, an adventure movie buff or anyone who enjoys good stories.

One Shot, One Beer
by Larry Young & Charlie Adlard
Paperback: 72 pages
AiT/Planet Lar
ISBN: 0967684757
Late in 2029, the lunar poineers and the claim jumpers, the ice rustlers and the jaded locals all have one thing in common. If they want a pint of Guinness and a quick shot of something neat, Cool Ed's is the only honky-tonk for 240,000 miles.

Belly up to the bar and hear the story of what really happened the day the HayesCorp Subtropolis blew up... listen to why a Fourth Century Korean king was the go-to guy at a party... how not to rob a bank... and how Col. Macadam first got together his Aerospace Intelligence Taskforce...

...all while a scuttlebot bartender keeps your glass full.

Warren Ellis
AiT is drunken barroom SF, lurching between widescreen spectacle and intimate storytelling, and is never less than completely compelling comics.

Larry Young clearly knows what a reader wants. ... "Astronauts in Trouble" is hugely recommended.

"Astronauts in Trouble: One Shot, One Beer" is the convergence of tales from "Astronauts in Trouble: Live from the Moon" and "Astronauts in Trouble: Space 1959". Whether you're just discovering the Astronauts or you've been following their adventures, "One Shot, One Beer" will welcome you to the party.

It's like one of those films where several stories are joined together by a theme and the manner of their telling. In this case we are in a bar on the Moon. So we get a tall tale of the first "public" landing on the Moon as seen in Astronauts in Trouble: Live from the Moon (by the same author). And a laddish tale of bar-room etiquette. And an ancient Eastern morality tale. Not at all what you'd expect from a sci-fi action adventure ? Well think again. This is an exercise in fine storytelling both by the characters and by the writer and artist. Whether you like graphic storytelling or not this is a fine starting point to find out what the medium of comics can do. That AiT/PlanetLar name on the cover is a fine label of excellence for a graphic novel.

The Making of
Astronauts in Trouble
by Larry Young
Paperback: 128 pages
AiT/Planet Lar
ISBN: 0967684706
Secrets of the Comics Industry Revealed!

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in the making of a comic book series? "The Making of Astronauts in Trouble" gives you a glimpse of a comic book production process by collecting the scripts for the critically-acclaimed five-issue miniseries, pre-production sketches, proposal notes, and even the mini-comics that started the whole thing!

Beginning with the simple, "what if a news crew was on the scene of man's return to the moon?" and through to the selection of Matt (Hellboy) Smith and charlie (The X-Files, X-Men: Hellfire Club) Adlard as series artists, this 128-page collection provides an in-depth look into the year's most compelling science-fiction miniseries.

The Short: Buy it. It's good.

The Long: Larry Young's comic book, ASTRONAUTS IN TROUBLE: LIVE FROM THE MOON, has been called a Hollywood action blockbuster in comic book form. It exploded onto the comic book scene and helped launch the publishing empire that is AiT/PlaNET Lar. It's since been collected as a TPB (also available on Amazon). It goes well with both red and white wine. It's great.

The script collection, in my humble opinion, is even better.

Not only is it an entertaining read, it is a useful tool for writers of all forms. Larry explains not only HOW he wrote the series, but also WHY (the reasons for the choices he made, including publishing it himself). We are given an inimate look at both the practical and creative processes that Larry went through to get AiT: LFTM in the readers hands. As writers we learn from these experiences, and as readers we are entertained.

So what's in it, I hear you ask?

  • An INTRODUCTION by Ed Brubaker (of DEADENDERS fame)!
  • The TEASER and the PROPOSAL that started it all!
  • 5 ISSUES WORTH of script that is a more entertaining read than anything by Tom Clancy!
  • Back-up stories by Brian Wood (CHANNEL ZERO, GENERATION X), Kieron Dwyer (LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR), Steve Weissman (YIKES!), and Scott Johnson!
  •  The "mini that spawned the whole thing"!
  • ONE WHOLE PAGE of acknowledgements!
  • TWO, count them, TWO photographs of the author!
All in 128 pages? Where's my wallet? I'm buying this AGAIN! Where's YOUR wallet? You can't beat VALUE like that!

BUY THIS NOW (or the spaceman gets it).

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